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The Profession of A Nurse And Their Salary In Texas

Nurse salries

A nurse is a person who has received special training in caring for the ill and injured person. In order to treat patients and keep them healthy and active, nurses collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Additionally, nurses provide end-of-life care and support for bereaved family members.

Texas Registered Nurse Salary and Job 

Prospects through 2022.

The licensed nursing profession is one of the best and most rewarding careers to pursue in Texas. When compared to the general cost of living in the state, the average registered nurse pay in Texas is $79,120 per year, which will enable you to make a comfortable living. With an expected growth of 9.76 percent over the following five years, your job future in TX is also excellent. You may have a better understanding of the typical pay and job outlook for RNs in Texas by reading the information below.

Salary According To Experience

Estimates of the median pay for all registered nurses in Texas and contributing factors The typical RN pay in Texas ranges from $62,590 to $93,320 per year, depending on the position, business, and area, and is earned by almost half of all RNs working in the state. RNs who deal directly with patients tend to make less money than RN managers and educators, and those with more experience make far more money than those who are just starting their careers.

Highest Paying Cities In Texas

  • Houston– With a population of about 2.32 million, Houston is home to many top-notch facilities where RNs may find work. Additionally, you might look for work at hospitals like The Woman’s Hospital of Texas or St. Luke’s Health Medical Center. RNs in Houston make $83,890 a year.
  • San Antonio– If you decide to work in San Antonio, you will have a variety of jobs to pick from, particularly as you gain more expertise. 
  • Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest is one of the biggest employers of registered nurses in Fort Worth due to Texas Health’s extensive presence there.
  • In addition to this, you may decide to look for work at Kindred Hospital Fort Worth, Cook Children’s Medical Center, or John Peter Smith Hospital.  $82,260 is the estimated value that you could earn per year.