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Olivia Casta: Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Onlyfans and More

olivia casta
olivia casta


The American-based model, Olivia Casta is getting trendy these days on all of her socials, especially Instagram. Well, she is a very creative influencer who posts content about fashion, lifestyle, traveling, etc. Her growth on Instagram, where she currently enjoys 3 million families, is organic. And thanks to her organic journey, she enjoys a sustainable Instagram profile today with followers that support her in everything she does. She is a very smart lady that can turn anything into business. The efforts she put through are never-ending, and working hard has paid off as today, she has become the CEO of her own company called tinGz at such a young age. If you have already begun how old she is, continue reading down as this article includes everything – from Olivia Casta age to her childhood, family, boyfriend, net worth, and more! 

Quick Biography of Olivia Casta

Olivia Casta’s age in 2023 is 26 years old, given she was born on 15th August 1997. And according to her birthday, she follows the zodiac sign, Leo. Olivia is a resident of San Francisco America and is Christian by birth. 

Physical attributes, Height & Weight of Olivia Casta 

Olivia Casta is a beautiful lady, having dark brown hair and green eyes. She is 5 ‘8 ft tall and weighs 55 kg. 

olivia casta age

The family circle of Olivia Casta

Olivia lives in San Francisco, California. Who she lives with – alone, with roommates, or family – is not known at all. The influencer is a very private person when it comes to family, so there is limited information about the same. However, it is speculated that her dad is a prominent business owner, while her mom is a homemaker. Olivia also has siblings, but who exactly is still a big mystery. 

Early life & childhood of Olivia 

Olivia Casta, age 26 in 2023 was born and brought up in Spain and her early life passed alongside her siblings. As a child, Olivia loved photography and collecting stamps and engaged in her favorite activity quite often. She was welcomed into a well-to-do family, so her childhood must have been nice enough. Also, her interest in modeling isn’t a new subject to her as she had always dreamt of becoming a model someday. 

Educational background of Olivia

Like her family, Olivia has kept her educational background private. But we do know that she went to a private school and passed with beautiful marks. She was, moreover, a brilliant student who kept a keen interest in sports, especially football and equestrian. And right after her school days were over, she proceeded with college and her career. 

What does Olivia do for a living? 

Olivia is a multi-talented lady, who is very often offered with big projects. Her area of experience includes fashion modeling and social media influencing. Out of all, she is mostly active on her Instagram where she currently boasts 3 Million followers that continues to grow. Her content is usually in the niche of lifestyle, fashion, lingerie, and swimwear. 

Olivia Casta age 26, is a star on Instagram, known to people for her captivating modeling pictures. She is good at modeling, and thus, seen working for high-end fashion brands. Her journey in the modeling industry is nothing new as she has been doing it for a very long time. Also, her Instagram profile is huge, making several brands attracted to it. As such, she gets collaboration deals through which she earns millions. 

Another medium of revenue for Olivia is her business – tinGz. Yes, Olivia is also an entrepreneur and CEO of the online store she founded. TinGz is a small business where Olivia sells fashion pieces including shoes, eyewear, handbags, and masks, among others. 

The third earning source, which also brings a lot of money, is Onlyfans, where Olivia posts exclusive pictures of her that her fans buy. She must also be earning millions from her only fans content, as she charges a good sum for most of her pictures. 

olivia casta onlyfans

Olivia Casta boyfriend and relationship status 

Olivia is doing her best in keeping her love stories private. She has neither shared details about who her boyfriend is nor about her crush. So, the strongest assumption in such a situation is that Olivia is single and having a good time, enjoying her singlehood. 

When it comes to relationships, Olivia departs from the public’s notice. But even when it is about her male friends, she does not post any of them. It seems like her social life is never going to be dedicated to the boys – be it her male besties or her love partner. 

Married life of Olivia Casta 

Olivia is currently single, unmarried, and has never been married in her life. Also, she does not have any children as of now. 

Grand achievements of Olivia Casta 

Olivia Casta is a successful model, despite having no prior connections in the field. She has achieved so much in her career, including the chance to be on the cover of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. She also has a stunning ramp walking style that bought her the chance to walk in prestigious shows like Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.

Other than modeling, her part in a few philanthropic works is also notable. First, she is the brand ambassador of charities like the Red Cross and UNICEF. Second, she collaborated with several organizations to empower girls and fight for women’s rights. 

Olivia Casta on social media

Olivia Casta currently has over 3M followers on Instagram, with 310 Following and 181 Posts. Her Twitter account is also big where she has close to 500K followers. Her journey on Onlyfans seems to be successful as well, where she has thousands of likes. 

Olivia Casta Net worth

Olivia is a very successful lady and has a net worth of $1.5 million today, with social media as her primary earning source. 


Olivia Casta age 26, showcases her lifestyle and love for traveling on her Instagram page, which her followers love to keep track of. She’s an extremely talented, creative, and smart woman – who knows how to create money well enough. And thanks to her abilities that today she is a millionaire, without being a mega celebrity or doing some fancy job. 


Q1. Is Olivia Casta American or Spanish?

Ans. Olivia identifies as American-Spanish, as she was born in Spain and lives in America now.

Q2. Which ethnic group does Olivia belong to?

Ans. Olivia has a mixed ethnicity of American-Spanish.

Q3. What does Olivia Casta do other than social media influencing?

Ans. Other than social media influencing, Olivia is a successful fashion model, onlyFans creator and has her own small business.

Q4. Was Olivia Casta born into a rich family?

Ans. Olivia Casta was born into a decent family. She was born neither rich nor poor and rather welcomed by middle-income group parents.

Q5. Why does Olivia Casta not date anyone?

Ans. Olivia Casta is very private when it comes to her dating life. So, fans wouldn’t even know if she is dating someone in private.

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