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How Do You Improve Quality Assurance Training?

Modern applications are highly reliant on the proper placement of all the visual elements like forms, GIFs, videos, and images. All these UI elements are vital in uplifting user satisfaction and ensuring that the end users can properly communicate with all the elements in the app. This is why quality assurance testing is a critical parameter of the modern app testing cycle.  While implementing quality assurance testing, the developers can also use cross browser testing to ensure that all the UI elements maintain their position irrespective of software and hardware changes.

So with this article, we will guide all the developers and app development companies to understand how they can improve their quality assurance training process. By implementing this training, they can massively boost the productivity and creativity of their quality assurance testers. We will also understand the role of various modern testing processes in this test cycle.

A Glimpse At Modern Testing Processes

Modern software testing has been influenced a lot by the integration of various tools, testing processes, and user demands. For instance, modern apps can perform multiple tasks simultaneously and are accessible on various devices like desktops, smartphones, and tablets. However, the complexity of the app infrastructure has also shifted the testing focus from manual testing to test automation. This is because, using automation testing, the developers can conduct multiple test instances using a series of pre-written testing parameters. So by utilizing these parameters, the system can replicate human interactions while communicating with the app.

The proper implementation of automation testing can analyze the application’s behavior based on its stability, usability, and ease of user interaction. While implementing automation testing, the developers can integrate additional test parameters and data sets to customize it according to their requirements.

The proper implementation of automation testing boosts the app infrastructure in the following ways:

  • Automation testing has a huge role in improving the efficiency of the test cases as it can initiate them automatically, even on holidays. Moreover, removing human involvement boosts the accuracy of the test cases and the test reports.
  • Since automation testing is highly compatible with repetitive test cases like regression testing and data analysis testing, the developers can save much time in the testing cycle. The testers can, in turn, use this time to create new features that can be rolled out in a future app update.
  • While using test automation, the application testers can also use dedicated automation tools and frameworks to improve the quality of the application that is undergoing the development process.
  • Finally, the use of automated testing also has a role in boosting the test efficiency of the company by saving a lot of company time and resources. It accomplishes this goal by removing the involvement of a human testing team.

Improving Quality Assurance Training Process

To help all the new automation testers and companies understand the importance of proper quality assurance training, we have mentioned some of the most important parameters that they must integrate in this process:

  • Implementation of Analysis:

Before implementing any testing cycle, the app developers need to analyze the importance of the application. For instance, they can go through the target audience, tools and platforms used for testing, and the app’s intention. Using all these parameters will allow the developers to customize the quality assurance testing process and ensure minimal chance for errors. It is also important to create an elaborate testing plan before beginning the process, as it will prepare the developers for any unwanted circumstances. While creating the test plan, the app companies must include not only the developing and testing teams but also the business and production teams of the company.

  • Use of Clear Learning Objectives:

To properly train the quality assurance testers, the companies must lay down clear objectives that align with the organization’s standards for application quality. These objectives will allow the developers to set milestones for them that they can abide by. A useful tip for application development companies is to consider their target audience while creating these objectives. This will ensure that it can stand up to the expectations of its end users.

  • Creation of Customised Content:

While performing the quality assurance testing process, app companies must avoid using generalized testing content. This is because to utilize the full potential of the quality assurance testing process, the app developers must customize all the parameters and testing materials according to the company testing objectives, tools, and platforms used for the testing processes and the preferences of the testers. It is also important to consider the present market and industry standards while creating these training materials.  

  • Involvement of Experienced Testers:

The experience of the software testers plays a critical role in ensuring the effectiveness of the quality assurance testing process. So, before beginning the training phase, the app developers must ensure that they have the required expertise, experience, and knowledge based on their project requirements. It is also important to analyze that the app testers have the capability to communicate among themselves to collaborate efficiently on the project.

  • Use of Cross-Browser Testing:

Many developers and testers fail to understand the importance of cross-browser testing in modern quality assurance test cases. So, while training the developers for QA testing, the app companies must emphasize the implementation of cross-browser testing. It is the process of ensuring the app’s stability irrespective of changes in the browser version, operating system, or other device parameters. Using proper cross-browser testing, the app developers can also ensure that the elements maintain their position irrespective of changes in display resolution or other hardware parameters of the device.

The application developers can also consider integrating automation testing with cross-browser testing to ensure that the system can automatically trigger the test cases after every significant change in the application infrastructure.

  • Using Interactive Training:

The app development companies must ensure to use the enthusiasm and curiosity of the testers to their advantage. For instance, they can create multiple training methods like simulations, workshops, and real-world scenarios to engage the learning process and create an entertaining experience for the developers. The development companies can also consider the idea of initiating one-on-one training so that the developers can better understand their capabilities and polish their skills according to the given requirements. 

  • Collaboration and Use of Feedback Cycle:

While training the quality assurance testers, the test companies must pay proper attention to improving the collaborating abilities of the developers and testers. This is because modern applications consist of thousands of different UI elements that need proper testing and analysis. so the QA testers must be able to collaborate among themselves to maintain proper synchronization in these complex scenarios. The communication abilities of the UI testers will also be useful in the debugging process that will follow soon after.

While performing quality assurance testing, the testers must share live test data with other stakeholders, managers, and senior peers in the company to receive their valuable feedback. This feedback will allow the developers to change the application infrastructure and boost its quality significantly. While performing quality assurance training, the app developers must be taught to properly implement the feedback cycle during multiple stages of the QA testing phase.

On the other hand, the app companies can also implement the feedback cycle to gather information about the trainees undergoing the QA training process. This feedback will allow the companies to adjust the training parameters, materials, or the entire training process to boost its effectiveness further.

Streamlining the process of quality over cross-browser testing can be challenging based on various browsers, devices, and OS, to overcome the difficulty making use of a cloud-based service like LambdaTest will help you enhance the quality of your software over any devices and OS combinations. LambdaTest is an AI-powered test orchestration and execution platform that lets you run manual and automated tests at scale with over 3000+ real devices, browsers, and OS combinations.

In the following section, we will examine how cross-browser testing will be improvised using the LambdaTest platform.

Improving Cross-Browser Testing with LambdaTest

Using LambdaTest, the app developers can execute automated cross-browser testing on a cloud interface. This cloud platform also integrates artificial intelligence to initiate and execute the test cases properly. LambdaTest can also combine with the test reports from a series of real devices, emulators, and simulators for boosted efficiency and accuracy.

To make sure your website works well on different browsers and devices, you can use LambdaTest. Here are some easy tips to help you do a good job

  • Test Everywhere:

Use LambdaTest to check if your website looks and works okay on different browsers and devices.

  • Make It Easy: 

LambdaTest has useful tools to help you do a great job and ensure your website runs smoothly.

  • Follow These Tips:

Use these simple tips to make your testing even better with LambdaTest:

  • Real User Testing

Pretend you’re a regular user and check if your website works as it should.

  • Different Screens:

See how your website appears on big and small screens, like on phones and computers.

  • Look for Visual Issues:

Use LambdaTest to catch any problems with how your website looks.

  • Stay Updated:

Keep your website testing up-to-date with the latest features and fixes.

By using LambdaTest and these tips, you can ensure your website is in good shape for everyone.

The Conclusive Views

By performing a detailed and focused quality assurance testing process, the app companies can ensure that the testers can focus on the required areas of the QA testing process. By following this approach, the companies can also ensure that their apps are of the highest quality by the time they reach the production process. It is also important to adopt all the recent trends and innovations in the segment of app automation to ensure that the companies can maintain their position in this competitive segment. Performing a detailed analysis of the target audience will reveal various important factors that can help customize the app and serve a wider audience.